Since I’m doing Beauty and the Beast as my song choice, I wanted to listen to the song to make sure I have the right rhythm and melody. I know not all versions of the song are the same as in the notes and how they format the song, but usually they follow the same rhythm and melody which will help me.

After listening to the recording of the song, I have a better understanding of the how the song should sound and how the pace should be set.

I have started learning the right and left hand separately, which will make it easier for me when I’m putting the hands together to play the song. When I started learning the left hand, I noticed that the first two bars of music were done in the trouble clef.

This confused me heavily. I decided to not play the left hand for the first two bars because it doesn’t make sense where the other notes are being played on the piano otherwise.

We have also been working on tones and semi-tones in music class so I wanted to see what key my music was in from this activity. By doing the activity: G, A, B, C, D, E, F#, G, I discovered that the major scale is G. So, they key my music is in is G Major.

Now the next step is putting my whole song together.. I’m hoping it goes well because this is the end of the semester and my work load is getting intense.