Why do we teach coding???

  • Possibility for a career
  • Connect to interest like video games
  • Need to know how to do things to be able to connect and helming other students
  • We’re surrounded by technology and to understand what happens behind the screen so that they can create a website, app, etc.
  • VIATEC – Greater Victoria Area
  • Integrate as a cross-curricular activity


  • Different codes make your character do different activities
  • I made my cat character move in a circle if you kept pressing the space bar. It would also say the word Meow as it went around
  • You can also change the backdrop of the scene so that when the backdrop changes, your characters change to a different position
  • I also tried using a banana and made it take 10 steps forward in the jungle while making a biting noise

I’m not the best with coding but I like how I can incorporate this into the classroom because many students would enjoy making little stories for english. You could also use the X and Y coordinates for math. And if you were doing a science project about arctic animals, you could code it this way as well.

Rich McCue was the one who took us through the coding activities: Coding 4 Educators 

Educational & Technology Competencies: CODING

Madi 🙂