Augmented Reality:

  • Can help you in the workplace, figuring out where new objects will go and where they will fit
  • Kitsilano High School used this to introduce multiple events that happened during the World War 2. They use an app like Pokémon Go. They went on a walk around a certain area and when they go to a certain location, certain articles or videos would pop up and show them their learning. This helped them decide if they wanted to enlist in the war if they were faced with this dilemma in 1944.

  • Augmented reality can be very cross-curricular

Virtual Reality:

We then went over to the McPherson library and got to use the virtual reality equipment there. It was too cool. Many of us played the rollercoaster game, and some of us even used google maps and the art app. If I could I would definitely use this in my classroom.

Madi 🙂